Friday, April 1, 2011

Try the effects of brainwave entrainment right here

Hi, Brian here,

This blog is about my alpha brainwave meditation method.

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As I mentioned earlier my old meditation technique was simple. I should cleanse my mind of thoughts by visualizing a single image for a while, but my problem was I couldn't do this for very long time and my thoughts ran away with me. Suddenly I was thinking of everything else.

My new technique is based on audio during meditation (brainwave entrainment audio).
The technique is as simple as the old one. Instead of visualizing an image, I use my powers now to listen to the alpha brainwave audio, which automatically forces my brain to go to the alpha brainstate. This happens very quickly and is almost completely hypnotic to me. Now my thoughts aren’t running away and I do not waste my time anymore when meditating. I would definitely recommend others to try this method.

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